AGMS Assist From Planning to Opening: Site Selection, Sourcing Of Land, Financial Tie Ups, Barter Options, Opening, Management For Golf Real Estate, Tourism And Other Golf Specific Infrastructure Projects.

The Facility Of Golf Can Be Any Choice :

The Services Available Are As Below But Not Limited to Below:


Golf Feasibility

The idea of building a golf course begins with a vision. However, as in every business, it's essential to determine whether the vision is financially feasible or not.

A team of experts at Alert Golf assists its valuable clients from identifying target market, determining facility type to underlining an estimate cost to construct and operate. The overall feasibility test also includes the following:

Financial analysis (Valuation) Market Analyses / Financial Projections Identify capital to support adjacent real estate planning Research the history of nearby competing golf facilities

Only after gathering and analysing all these physical features, a golf course owner may move to next stage of golf course masterplanning, in preparing a detailed plan of development.

Project Report

To start and complete any of the projects it is necessary to make the target and planning accordingly it is required to make a perfect plan. AGMS experienced team with a vast experience of work is able to provide an detailed project report which includes how the work will be commenced and completed, which formats will be required to get report on daily routine basis. To making sure that the work is within control and going on right direction it is required to plan work schedule pert chart etc.

Designing & Master Plan Coordination

AGMS provides a variety of Golf Course master planning & design coordination services to clients with the utmost efficiency. As the AGMS have tied up with many of the golf architects within India as well as out of country. This includes signature design, International designer and Indian designer. AGMS provides the design coordination consultancy services to make sure the perfect design. We take responsibility to coordinate with golf architect to make design and planning for construction of golf course prepare detailed bill of quantities and consult on finalizing an operational & construction budget as per requirement of project and within the budget of client.

Project Management & Consulting

AGMS provides construction consultancy which includes planning of construction schedule, hiring plan for machinery as per requirement, coordination for supply of material as per specification, coordination with different contractors and making progress report on daily basis. After getting a very vast experience in the golf course development field the professional team have knowledge to suggest the client that where on the golf course which species of grass should be used and where on the golf which plants, shrubs or tree plantation is required and can be used.

Similarly we share vast experience thru our supervision team when it comes to irrigation & construction supervision. As the irrigation system is very big role in development of golf course as its effect the cost of daily routine maintenance later on. AGMS people can help the developer to select the irrigation system which is required to reach the target. As earlier mentioned the daily routine machinery for maintenance of developed golf course to achieve the desired standard also to be procured in coordination with different manufacturer around the globe.

Maintenance Consulting

After development of a golf course it requires to maintain it very carefully and as per specification to keep the golf course up to the desired international standard and for satisfaction of the golfers. To achieve these targets it is required to hire the perfect maintenance company or contractor. If the client wants to maintain it himself AGMS also provides the post construction maintenance services. This includes planning for:

Reduced capital spending Professional efficient maintenance programs Hiring of professional staff Controlled cost of maintenance Watering and meeting the quality expectations of the golfers

Management & Promotion

Alert Golf consultation service for golf course operation is a review that analyzes your overall golf business. Our professionals study all aspects of your business and submit an operational analysis report with specific details on the operational efficiency and proposed progress on the following divisions:

Organizational structure Staffing requirements Membership programs Cash flow analysis Food and beverage

Promotions, Branding & Revenue Enhancement To implement the services of Promotion, Branding & Growth of Revenue we have a core group of experts from golf, tourism, travel, hospitality, finance, real estate networking and marketing industry. From simple consulting to fully mapped out marketing plans, strategies, and tactics for every potential market target available to your golf business.

We prepare comprehensive plans to include Market Overview, Demographics, Target Overview, Competitor Analysis, S.W.O.T. Analysis, Revenue Plan, Marketing Strategies, Advertising & Media planning, Promotion Materials Design & Production, Research Surveys, Evaluation of Annual Marketing Goals, Sales & Marketing Audits and Planning of Contests & Incentives to Inspire Results.

Acquisition Analysis

If you are mulling over to invest in an existing golf asset, our expertise will help you in the entire process of acquisition and due diligence. This may include an in-depth understanding of the past operating performance, existing facilities and their viability with regard to the proposed operating performance.

Environmental Services

Golf, perhaps more than any other sport, is dependent upon a healthy environment. As the international level company, the AGMS recognizes the importance of taking proactive steps to minimize our environmental footprint and integrate environmental considerations into all aspects of our activities.

To further our priority as a responsible citizen, the AGMS will continue a rigorous evaluation of our consumption of natural resources and energy use. The game of golf faces two difficult issues affecting every course in the country - environmental and economic sustainability - and both require attention. Environmental sustainability is impacted by water and wildlife issues. Economically, the cost of maintenance and shrinking free time for golfers presents challenges. A common obstacle is unrealistic expectations about course conditioning. Fortunately, there is plenty of room to adjust expectations without damaging the integrity of the game.

To help these efforts, the AGMS team has assembled a list of questions that every facility should consider regarding best management practices for sustainability. The goal is to help course developers assess their own situation and develop actions to improve.

Tourism Grant

There are many factors which attracts people to visit to India as tourist or for business visit. Our government also keeping this in mind also promote tourism in all the way. As our team members works closely with ministry of tourism specifically for golf tourism development in India. AGMS can assist the golf course developers to get the grant under golf tourism development planning by ministry of tourism, Govt. of India.

Advice on Golf Machinery, Irrigation, Event management, Golf Pro Shops & Manpower Selection.

AGMS with its overall experience & association over the globe in golfing world provides you the best advise on above. To know more on any specific service, please feel free to write to us.

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ALERT GOLF MANAGEMENT SERVICES is promoted by Mr. Rakesh Sharma. He has over 18 years experience in the Golf Industry and with his contribution to the game. Alert Golf has become a platform for overall golf solution in India. Our number of feasibility reports & research works has provided a clear vision to investors. The Company is associated with more than 30 golf courses in India & other countries.


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