Simple Things About Golf Every Beginner Should Know

The world has always loved Golf. However, some ground rules are not hard to understand, but most amateurs and even seasoned players get confused about them. Here are the top ten things you must know if you are planning to pursue Golf forever.

Keep Your Eye On The Ball

Make sure you can identify the ball you are playing. Be sure about it before you plan your hit. When two or three people hit the same patch of woods off the first tee, don't stand there unplanned.

Know When to Tee Off

You can tee the ball just behind the imaginary line drawn right between the front of the tee markers or at it. But do you have to? No. Experts say you will find short grass here. This is also the spot for most divots, which, if you don't want. You are allowed to tee your ball up to two club lengths back from the markers while staying between them.

What about the Out-of-bounds?

Now if you happen to hit your ball out of bounds, hit one more from close to the spot or at the same spot. Organised by white stakes, here you get the only one-stroke penalty. In case you are unsure about your shot, immediately claim that you are hitting a provisional ball. This has to be announced.

What if you think you have lost the ball?

The rule remains the same as above. There are times when you don't see where the ball went, or maybe you are sure it has gone too far, it's called accepting the mortality of your shot. The good idea is to hit a provisional

What Happens When a Ball is Hit Into a Lateral Water Hazard?

This area is usually highlighted by red stakes. You can drop the ball within two club-lengths of the point where it crossed the margin of the hazard.

Play The Ball As It Lies

Play the ball as it lies. You just never roll it over to better grass. The idea is to hit the ball, find it and hit it again. Leading players have dealt with shots in plain view resting in the fairway.

Don't Aim At Removing A Twig

As golfers, we all try and get in that one position through which we can easily remove a little branch or a sprig of a bush. Think that will give you a clear sweep? Maybe not. Experts suggest you cannot even break it by accident.

These are simple rules to golf that every budding player must know. For everything else, the experts are always here!

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